1) Apprenticism


How to Be Everything | Emilie Wapnick


So far, the simplest, most practical and hands-on guide on the multipotential lifestyle I read. hope you like it:). read more


Refuse to Choose! | Barbara Sher


This reading has increased my confidence in the business of managing my skills as depicting the LTTL model. Besides, the series of anti-definitions the author’s made to tell Scanners from other identities. Hope you like as much as I did 🙂

2) Productivity

a) self-knowledge


Purpose: The Courage to be Who We Are | Prem Baba


This book was important for me to remember the premise that I should trust my heart above all else. Even though it can be a very basic thing, when the ego is not in check it’s very easy to lose track of that.


The Art of Living: The Classical Manual on Virtue, Happiness, and Effectiveness | Epictetus


By the influence of Tim Ferriss Stoicism has kind of become one of my operational systems for dealing with life. Identifying the variables which are under our control and those which aren’t is so liberating and wise. Love this book.


To Love and Be Free: The Basis for a New Society | Prem Baba


This reading has given many of my love relationships premises. Probably the main on is relationships are primarily for self-knowledge. It might look like selfish, but I think it works.

3) Learning

a) reading


How to Read a Book: The Classic Guide to Intelligent | Mortimer J. Adler

5 /5

This book just leveled up my intellectual game as helping me to sharpen my reading saw. It brings up a 4-step framework for reading like a pro and, thus, self-learn more accurately.