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It’s been nearly 5 years that Resultados Digitais is around. From 7 Rdoers in 2011 to nearly 300 now in Q2 2016 (still counting) lots of things have already changed.

Those include that we moved to our third Headquarters in which we have been collecting quite a few funny stories to tell.

In that sense, I’m going to share in this post how the older versions of our HQ’s were like, the newest one too and how we are taking advantage of it.

Besides, I want to walk you through some News on projects we’ve put in place in Q1.

Last, but not least, I am going to delve into why I believe we’re still beginning the journey and most stories are yet to come.

Come with me down below.

Background on Previous Versions

Version 1.0 : ACATE

Acate (Santa Catarina’s Tech Companies Association) is a entrepreneurial complex that offers infrastructure for tech companies to develop their operations.

RD was born here, starting up with 7 people. Thinking big, but starting small, no surprise RDoers had lots of imagination to improvise for missing stuff.

For instance, our first CRM platform was actually a set of post-its in a KanBan framework. It was very instable for not being wind-proof!

Check out the gallery below for more getting-arounds!

Despite being so funny, it was time to move. The team was getting bigger, so we needed more space.

Version 2.0 : Celta

Our second sweet home was literally “top”, meaning it was both cool and on the top of a mountain (Celta’s Hill).

Couple of RDoers loved the idea of climbing it everyday to set off for the daily exercising quota, others were much more into taking a smooth ride to the hilltop.

The office has got a way better though!

We had a kitchen with plenty of food, nice wall drawings, a book shelf & toys contributing to What Makes Resultados Digitais a Great Place to Work.

Also, we’ve got a nice view from up there!

The Celta’s Office has supported our growth from 70 to ~240 people scattered over 3 floors shared with another incubated/accelerated companies.

Team on steroids again, time to move to a bigger house…

Now the Version 3.0 : Floripa Office

New Resultados Digitais HQ Opening with Juliana Bortoluzzi

Resultados Digitais New Headquarters Opening 2016

Good news for folks disliking to climb the Celta’s Mountain up: All Flat, no hills any further!

Now we’ve got a nice 8-Floor Building. The Building is so big (at least compared to what we’re used to) that I’m going to depict it in separated topics, right?


Our Building is annexed with Floripa Shopping meaning we are only one step away from movies, restaurants, cafes, gym, stores of many kinds, and all conveniences a Mall has to offer right next to us.

Main Entrance

Welcome to the version 3.0 of Resultados Digitais!

That’s our Entrance Hall. It connects to the Lounge, Elevators and Stairs.

Now, up to a ???? HQ 360˚bottom-up tour?

Come on in then ????

RD Lounge

Need to chill out a little bit????? Take a pit stop here then!????

Resultados Digitais Lounge 360˚ View

RD Lounge

RD Kitchen

Hungry????? Enjoy!????

Resultados Digitais Kitchen

RD Kitchen

Lockers & Slippers

No shoes allowed. Period.????


After chilling out and snacking a bit, time to work now!????

Resultados Digitais Building 2˚ Floor : Inbound Sales Team

2˚ Floor : Inbound Sales Team

Resultados Digitais Building 3˚Floor : Partners Team

3˚ Floor : Partners Team

Resultados Digitais Building 4˚ Floor : Customer Success, Implementation Success & Customer Support Team

4˚ Floor : Customer Success, Implementation Success & Customer Support Team

5˚ Floor : Marketing Team

5˚ Floor : Marketing Team

Resultados Digitais Building 6˚ Floor : Product, Design & Dev Team

6˚ Floor : Product, Design & Dev Team

Resultados Digitais Building 7˚ Floor : Finance, HR & Dev Team

7˚ Floor : Finance, HR & Dev Team

Resultados Digitais Building 8˚ Floor : Conference Room Entrance

8˚ Floor : Conference Room Entrance

Resultados Digitais Building 8˚ Floor : Conference Room

8˚ Floor : Conference Room

Resultados Digitais Building 8˚ Floor : Porch

8˚ Floor : Porch Area

Resultados Digitais Building 8˚ Floor : Porch Area

8˚ Floor : Porch Area

RockBand & Pop Stars themed Meeting Rooms

Those are our tribute to Beyoncé, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Lady Gaga, Linkin Park, Led Zepellin & AC/DC from the SaaS Business World.???? ????

Floor Baby Kitchen

Got water?????

RD Baby Kitchen in each Floor

RD Baby Kitchen in each Floor

Funny Educational Signs

Watch out Rdoer. Behave Rdoer. . ????

Random | Personal | Fluffy Stuff Around

???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ????  ????

 And the Coolest Stuff Ever: RDoers!

How we’re Taking Advantage of it

The new infrastructure allowed us to carry out some initiatives that really seem to be paying off the new office investment.

Let’s go over some of them!

RD Hangouts

Simply some that Rdoers (including me) were starving from.

In the previous year, we were continually asking our CEO Eric to lead an internal agenda for he to share updates, hits, misses and pretty much all regarding the course our rocketship RD has been heading to.

This is a key moment of sharing, because this is the time when we get refueled with the vision of what we are going through and what it is gonna be.

This is so energizing.

It gives us a sense of progress, which is pivotal to happiness according to Tony Robbins as seen in Tim Ferris Show episode 35.

Weekly with Eric

Eric and his toddler Max giving the Weekly Talk

I feel like my eyes are shining every Friday 5 p.m. upon those weekly meetings.

That works.

No fluffy stuff here.


These are of the best things that the new structure has enabled us to do!

In this quarter we’ve been hosting so many events supporting the growth and exchange of many communities around the tech ecosystem in Santa Catarina.

Following, couple events we’ve hosted so far.

Microsoft Visit

We had the honor to host Microsoft Brazil CEO Paula Bellizia accompanied by Samba Tech CEO Gustavo Caetano for a Startup Panel for Entrepreneurs in Southern Brazil Ecosystem.

Microsoft Brazil CEO Paula Bellizia visiting Resultados Digitais

Microsoft Brazil CEO Paula Bellizia visiting Resultados Digitais

It was really encouraging to notice how Microsoft is putting efforts to know how they can support & taylor solutions to startups and to be closer to the community.

VC Investors Talks

Eric has invited some of our Investors to give a Venture Capital Talk, including topics like Investing, Entrepreneurial Career, Brazilian Market & Productivity.

That was a golden opportunity to learn from very experienced professionals who are willing to help us to go further and to bring about a new social & economical context for Brazil.

RD Investors Talks

I’ve put together precious pieces of advices they’ve granted us with. From left to right:

Plan & reduce risks for your career decisions. Develop options and strategic situations so you can test what you like or not. Then, follow through. If you don’t do it, the chances are that you’re going to follow the organization’s plan or someone else’s plan, but not yours.

Rodrigo Baer from Red Point eventures

“Develop a growth mindset and set it out to default mode. That is, do not be let down if someone tells you’re not good in math or whatever. Just accept rationally you’ll need to gather a toolkit of skills so you can master your challenges. Do believe that you can be good at whatever you want to be good at or to work in. Also, listen more so you don’t prevent yourself from learning more.”

– Manuel Lemos from Red Point eventures


“Look for experienced mentors who can help you out on the challenges you’re facing. They’ll help you find the way easier.”

– Patrick Arippol from DGF Ventures


“Develop a productive hobby that can lead you to a whole new career. Vlogging, blogging, mentoring, volunteering on something you love is key to career shifts.”

– Edson Rigonatti from Astella Ventures


Really hope to keep learning from them in future occasions like that.

Floripa on Rails, Floripa Dockers & Floripa Gophers

The RD office has been also stage for networking, exchanging knowledge, experiences and best-pratices around the Developers Community in Florianópolis!

Sales Careers Talks

The Inbound Sales Team have carried out a very successful event.

Our Sales Development Reps have organized an event to outreach the Sales career for local professionals & college students.

By showing examples of our RDoers, many of them previously fearing sales the most – like Channel Account Executive Thaiz Maciel – or even gathering sales radically non-related backgrounds – like Account Executive & Biologist Pablo Goulart and Account Executive & Zootechnician Sheila Vieira – they have been able to debunk couple of myths like:

  • Sales is only for the gifted ones, extroverts;
  • Sales is only for Business, Administration or any Business/People related majors

Moreover, we were happy to have one of the attendees Beatriz Mello coming onboard, after being declined to join us couple of months before.

She’s shown to be a nice case on inner resolution & resilience, because by keeping really interested in Resutados Digitais plus keeping working on sharpening her skills, and – mainly – by  showing up, her time under the RD’s sun came long!

Many Technical Visits for Clients, Partners and Students

It was really a honor to host several clients and partners in Q1 in our office.

I am really proud of RD for its ever-growing transparency value for sharing many of our processes, playbooks and a good bit of what we do to the commutity.

That reminds me Buffer CEO Joel Gascoigne known for his radical transparency phylosophy.



A Special props for our Customer Success Team that has been all the time requested by our clients to share our know-how on the edge of CS industry, according to Lincoln Murphy during the Customer Success Workshop.

Looking Inside RD Q1

Great Place to Work Awards

We’ve got our second trophy as Great Place to Work Nominees.

Now, the difference has been hat we’ve been ranked in the mid-size business category, because we’re growing!

Resultados Digitais GPTW Awards Ceremory

RDoers in the GPTW Awards Ceremony

As getting the trophy from GPTW Staff, I found very inspiring our CTO Bruno Ghisi words:

“We are not perfect and we recognize that we’ve got a lot of problems like all companies do, but I feel encouraged because we’re open to learn from those experiences and because we have great people joining us across it”.

– Bruno Ghisi

RD School

We’ve put lots of efforts onto updating, gathering new knowledge & best-practices we’ve learned so far in the format of the RD School.

This is a set of edge-industry hands-on courses on Customer Success, Inbound Sales, Digital Marketing & RD Station with our best professionals sharing their best advice for companies to leverage their operations in those areas.

RD University

Now it’s official!

The RD University has born with the mission of boosting RDoers’ apprenticeship experience & elevating their performance  by offering an unique curriculum on 3 skillset pillars : Technical, Business & Leadership.

The program is split in two phases:

  1. Get Ready (Onboarding) : Provide RDoers with the minimal toolkit within 1 month through a hands-on & real world digital marketing project and then be able to deliver results to real clients.
  2. Get Better (Ongoing) : Provide RDoers with continuous improvement modules optimizing for Spiral Growth.**coming soon**
Get Better Class of February 2016 : The Second Class Graduated in Resultados Digitais

Get Better Class of February 2016 : The Second Class Graduated


We’re happy to get a slew of testimonials like this:

“The program made total sense and we were free to ask, to learn, to create whatever we wanted. It has exceed all of my expectations and made me believe that all Rdoers should be active on building our product.”

-RDoer Roberta Souza


Vale do Início

We really treat our interns likewise full-time members and we want to offer them a full-time position by the end of the 6-months deep-dive period in both SaaS business and Inbound Marketing being them already with a college diploma or not.

Keeping that in mind, Vale do Início has been designed to be a very unique internship program our Talent Management Team came up with.

This is different from an usual internship program, because this is a real bet that incoming interns not only will develop their careers in the digital marketing field, but also will become Key Individuals for our Business.

Listen, this is not Hot Air.

And we have some intern cases that prove that we walk our talk even before conceiving this innovative program.

Among them, Middle of Funnel Specialist Franco Zanette.

That phylosophy naturally comes from a special context of our Co-Founders Guilherme Lopes, Bruno Ghisi, Pedro Bachiega, and Andre Siqueira being all interns before getting to C-Level with Eric Santos.

More on the program : the qualified candidates must have up to 4 semesters remaining for graduation and must demonstrate a strong adhesion to our Culture Code.

By the way, check out the Vale do Inicio’s Website  for upcoming application seasons if you have got interested at!

RD on the Road

RD is already on the Road!

This is a sneak-peek format for LATAM Greatest Sales & Marketing Event RD Summit taking digital marketing education to major cities in Brazil for helping small & medium business to radically change and/or increment the way how they sell using the internet as a channel.

In Q1 2016 we’ve been to Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte and they all have been a blast!

Q1 Closing Party

To celebrate all of the above and our quarterly goals met, the Talent Management has given us room to #PlayHard in what was our Q1 Closing Party.

Resultados Digitais Bowling Session

Bowling Session in the Party

Gratitude Talent Management Folks for the nice party!

Now, let’s do our homework for the Q2 party to come over ????????!

Why I think this is still the beginning of the Journey????


We are learning a lot and there are tons of potential energy yet to be released.

  • We  have just get started working with OKR’s.
  • We’re still learning how to set goals effectively and how to engage the whole company towards them in every level.
  • We haven’t learnt yet how set up an effective channel for the innovation potential dormant in our talented Rdoers to Blossom Out!

What’s more, Eric has assumed an atitude that reinforced that belief in our Q2 planning.

I felt really inspired upon his acknowledging our mistakes in Q1 as learning opportunities in a very humble & light fashion, thus foreseeing nice things to come for us all embodying this kind of mindset.

Therefore, to me this is not about having a gig/stipend, neither working for a cool company, nor making it a brazilian internet unicorn.

To me, this is about a journey on being a better version of myself everyday, building trusting relationships, being around interesting, humble, ambitious & smiley people and potentially getting all of the results above as a mere consequence of our personal development – in other words – it’s all about Happiness for me.

For farewell, a Contemplation Momentour sunset views from the Magic Island are also getting better, aren’t they? ????

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  1. You are awesome Mathias! Great points that makes everybody loves to work at Resultados Digitais 🙂

    Thank you very much for carefully collect each detail of it!

    Another point really makes me happy working at Resultados Digitais, is the “feedback 360”, the moment of feedbacks focused on my personal improvement. I love it! Helping me to work better and challenging myself to be the best version of myself 🙂

    • @jonatasdp:disqus thanks for your appreciation! I feel highly grateful, then motivated to share the uniqueness of such a beautiful environment we have in RD.

      Sure! As I write quarterly posts on Resultados Digitais, I hope to include it for the next quarter post!

      Gratitude my friend ????

  2. Really nice and inspiring post, Mathias. It’s good to see that’s posible to create a work environment where the workers are always pleased to be at. At the same time is inspiring for those who doesnt have an environment like that to seek for it, step by step. Congratulations to RD and its team!!