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6th August Thursday night, Resultados Digitais.

Suddenly my cellphone started to be flooded with Telegram notifications from Resultados Digitais’s group… It looked like the only app installed on my phone was this messaging tool…

Drew by the deepest curiosity, I logged in to check out what was going on… What? Almost 200 people texting at the same time over… Wait.. Was it Telegram or Twitter? I wonder it, because  a post would not last even 100 ms on main screen.

The case was that we were taking part in the GPTW Awards (Great Place to Work Awards) among great IT companies. And, that was the first time we were running on the IT national category – by the way, last year (2014) we ranked #1 as the best IT company to work for in Santa Catarina State.

Our CEO Eric Santos and CHRO Ana Rezende would keep us informed as the ranking was rolling bottom-up.  A bout of jitters for all Rdoers would come in as we were remaining among the top 20 out of the initial rank of 252 qualified IT companies.

None of us knew if we would win the prize or grab a good position, but one thing I was convinced was that we should’ve been included in the Guinness Book of Records for hitting the greatest team engagement score @Telegram. I bet it!

Eric would tell us his phone battery was exhausted right before we would stop seeing any new texts from him – just to raise our level of freakibility.

So, end of story:

RDoers @ Telegram Chat for GPTW Awards

Yay!!! We’ve got the 10th place in the ranking! And that result means so much for us as a first time participant.

I am not saying that the prize has the magic power to makes us great, although it sort of gauges whether we’re heading to the “right” direction according to employee’s view.

So, in this post, I want to share why Resultados Digitais is a Great Place to Work. Furthermore, I will share some insights pointing that RD is commited to be a much better version of the current one.


Resultados Digitais HQs

“If you pick the right people and give them the opportunity to spread their wings—and put compensation as a carrier behind it—you almost don’t have to manage them.”

— Jack Welch

Despite the following being a cliche, it still remains true: People are the main asset of any organization. In our case, Rdoers are the ones who create the real value RD stands for before ourselves, the market & society. So, who are those Rdoers? How do they contribute to make RD this great place to be in?

How about answering those 2 questions by making several others questions? Lets do this?!!

  • Are you or do you want to be an entrepreneur, socialpreneur or even an intrapreneur?
  • Are you into tech, startups and love fast-pace environment?
  • Are you really commited about your self-development : learning and teaching the most you can?
  • Are you courageous enough to make punctual sacrifices in the present moment for a better achievement in the mid-long term?
  • Do you mind much more about the results you deliver than the time you spent on doing tasks?
  • Have you partaken in organizations such as AIESEC, Choice, Enactus during College?
  • Have you had any international experience travelling through programs like AIESEC Exchange , Science Without Borders, IAESTE, Erasmus Mundus or related?
  • Are you humble enough to receive honest feedback without resentment or taking it personally?
  • Finally, are you really passionate about contributing to leave your mark/legacy wherever you go?

You have just got to know who are those folks if you have responded yes to most questions, because they’ve done so before joining RD. Also, all those questions stand for our A Team Value.

Without that kind of pool whose mindset is translated by these most yes-answers, I’m convinced RD would not have gone a mile on this journey towards massive growth we’ve been through.



Rdoers Lucas Andre & Jonatas Paganini  in a peer review by Adriano Vermolhem

The fast-pace environment is a common term when it comes down to the startup life. Here @RD fast-pace means that we’re all committed to pivot processes, behaviors, approaches & structures as a whole the soonest we identify an opportunity for improvement.

(Yes, you’ve got it. In spite of the expected pain from coming out of our comfort zone as a team and individuals those changes cause us, we’re convinced they are worth it in the long run.)

And, that open space for Rdoers to identify and study existing gaps (naturally so many, because we’re growing fast) is a clear invitation for someone to develop internal projects which can impact directly our stakeholders results – clients, Rdoers, community & investors. Eventually, the company results. The coolest thing though, is that we can lead our career to whole new level if we take them seriously.

I want to give you a picture of how we take our projects forward according to our Lean & Data-Driven Values.

Let’s say a Rdoer identify a customer engagement problem. Instead of brainstorming possible solutions or giving out loose opinions – this one I have learned from our Project Manager Diego Pereira –  the idea is to analyze the problem qualitatively & quantitatively. Data is our language. Here are some questions we would wonder before taking it forward:

  1. How many customers do have this problem? How did other companies which had a similar challenge went about it?
  2. What are the customers saying across customer support channels and related that could possibly  be linked to this problem?
  3. After breaking down the possible causes for this problem, what would be the solutions to each of those causes? Is there enough data which confirms those correlations?
  4. What is the hypothetical impact of this project? Is it going to increase engagement by 30%? If not, how much then? Based on what?
  5. Should we really deploy our engines onto that? What is the cost of opportunity on going over it right now?

By approaching projects like this, we can bootstrap our resources so we really go onto challenges which are worth it in based on the current timing. The greater the impact to most clients, the sooner it runs. So, you guess why leanness + data drivenness got us growing 10% or more month after month.

Besides, (perhaps the best piece of the pie for a people person) it is a great way to make new friends by mingling with people from others areas you would seldom get to talk with!

Openness for Ideas, Coaching & Honest Feedback

Rdoers on a Feedback Session

Coaching session between Paulo Araujo & Vini Tolentino  while Gorgeous Floripa sneek-peeks it by Adriano Vermolhem

Excellence and A Team are among our values too. By A Team we understand that each Rdoer has enough talent to be a dramatic contributor to our company and we value that. Likewise, we undestand excellence is a habit of keeping ourselves in the industry edge.

Well, in theory this is beautiful, isn’t it? On the other hand, we all acknowledge those do not happen by chance. That building process gets lots of energy in and a great investment onto building/applying knowledge & soft skills like empathy, leadership, humility, ownership and so on.

For achieving them, it is key for us to live up to transparency, and to use coaching & honest feedback as essential tools.

I find the coaching sessions superb here. At least at the Customer Success Area which I belong to, we devote 1h on a biweekly basis the least to it. On my first session with my former Manager Bruno Giacomelli, I’ve got really grateful for the safe environment he had created for me to really express my feeling and impressions I was experiencing by then.

For instance, I even felt safe enough to told him about my dreams of travelling the world while working remotely in a near future before devoting myself to social entrepreneurship. My amazement is that I can openly talk about those things without the risk of getting fired for – lets say – “a potential menace of alignment” with company’s current goals.

Another very thrilling thing that happened was that my manager was careful enough to ask me how I would like to be asked about my due tasks – just in case he needed to check them out for the sake of goals – without being demanding. Yes, once again he kept the environment safe so I went the most transparent version of myself.

What’s more, he asked me which kind of talent I thought I have and would love to serve RDoers with. The underlying message was that I can be of assistance to RDoers doing what I love in lieu of putting myself into a framework that I might not fit in. Isn’t that a translation of awesomeness coming from Bruno and Resultados Digitais?

Adittionaly, the experiences I’ve had with feedback have been both useful and delightful. Since the first day, I’ve got impressed by the easiness and openness culture towards honest feedback well embodied by Rdoers. Facts that prove it: we ask feedback to our clients after a call; we ask feedback to our peers after a call or presentation; we just ask feedback all over with no resentment. No ego. Seamlessly. Smoothly.

Ego, just let it go, this is all about Growth.


We also have 360º feedback sessions gathering all the team. Last time we had one, it was so great to see how people sense our presence from their prospective and to have a real plan for behavior/virtues to be developed and checked-up over time.

To date, I can totally perceive a clear improvement in the quality of our internal relationship, because we’ve got much more clear about how our peers like to be treated and because some people have already achieved further milestones in their self-development plans in less than 2 months. You know, breaking a habit can be so overwhelming. That’s why I really appreciate and honor who is open-minded & open-hearted enough to replace bad habits with good ones.

Now, I want to walk you through another really innovative space for openness & transparency – at least for me, because I never heard of before. We are talking about the Post-Mortem meeting.

For example, when we experience problems with external clients or internal clients (us) we create an environment to get the deepest lessons out of them. By the way, I’ve just came out of one at the very moment of this post!

Let’s say we had miscommunications happening during the selling process to a client. Upon the sell, the client was set a level of expectation so high towards the customer service that would hardly be met by our customer success team. Or, another example, it could be just me – as an Implementation Success Manager – not being clear about the amount of time the client has from me so I am capable of taking care of all demands.

If he/she demands much more that I can bear, the balance of this mismath you already know:


Hence: expectation – delivery = frustation

Our goal, then, it is to put this simple, yet tricky equation, on the following shape:


Hence : delivery – expectation = awesomeness

During my post-mortem experience our Chief of Customer Success Guilherme Lopes would ask very specific & important questions like :

  • What do you think was your contribution to the current problem/challenge we’re facing?
  • What do you think you need to do/improve to prevent this kind of situation from happening again?
  • Can you write a article about the the technical challenges you’ve  faced so we share with Customers & new Rdoers in the Help Center?

I just loved his solution & growth-oriented atitude. He even told me he does not expect me doing the “right thing” always.

What he does expect from us is learning the due lessons and sharing with others though.

What beauty of mindset @Resultados Digitais, right?

Even though I’m convinced the 1/3 responsibility rule makes sense : 1/3 mine, 1/3 yours & 1/3 the environment, we are mature sufficiently to not deny our due 1/3 and dissect it so we grow the most out of it and be wiser upon a next situation. That way we make sure living up for our Customer First value.

I have no words to express the joy of being among people who are really concerned about getting better.

With such a culture, I’m convinced that RD is really comitted to empower RDoers to be the best versions of themselves, thereby keeping our A team and Excellence values aspirally stronger.

RD University

Projects @RD

SEO expert Aluysio Ferreira, PM Diego, Full-Stack Dev Danilo Delponte & CTO Bruno Ghisi – by Adriano Vermolhem

Making things clear, “RD University” isn’t a official name. At the time I wrote this post at least, this wasn’t official yet. I nicknamed it so, because that is the way I understand a real University is like : having a great balance between theory and practice – something I really missed during college.

Here, we learn something new by bringing it into practice upon facing our clients’ challenges. We’re even encouraged to have our own sideproject for applying our inbound marketing methodology to.

On the top of it – backed up by OutTeach value –  we are clearly invited to share our knowledge and experiences among our colleagues. Is there any more effective cycle to learn things other than studying, practicing and sharing with others?

Now, I want to share how RD is seriouly engaged in our education by some internal programs we’ve put in place, just to name a few.

Internal Job Rotation

Internal Rotation Hiram

If a Rdoer is not feeling challenged by his/her current position, there is no problem. So, what about taking a new challenge in another position? What about learning a whole new set of skills?

RD really encourages us to go for it since we value much more developing new internal talents than bringing them in from outside. In the end of the day, it’s of both interest of the company and its employees!

For instance, the last Job rotation was very surprising to see happening. Our former Content Crafter & Martial Arts teacher Hiram Damin just moved from the Marketing team to take his position as Customer Sucess Manager for Inbound Marketing Agencies.

I wish him all the best and hope to see new surprises like that taking place in here!

RD Talks

RD Talks

CFO Pedro Bachiega : thumbs up – by Adriano Vermolhem

Every friday 11:30 am we have an open space for RDoers to make a presentation for all the company. Since I’m here, I’ve got to see presentations on Content Marketing, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Automation, Productivity and so on. This is a great opportunity for each RDoer to put herself/himself in the “firing line” for harnessing Out-teaching, public speaking & improvisation skills, as well as dealing with vulnerability which tends to be there when we go out of the comfort zone.

Inside Team Presentation

Andre Perdomo giving his awesome RD Talk on Infoproduct Market

There is no doubt  many people dread public presentation – Jerry Seinfeld has even joked: “the fear of public speaking ranks higher than the fear of death“.

So, before one has butterflies in his/her belly, we have dozens of opportunities to practice public in a smaller scale. We can even make small presentations to our 8 people small teams or, in a step further, to our area team.

Above all, what deeply gets my profound admiration is our CEO Eric Santos noble atitude. He openly declared at one of our Immersion meetings (presentations about each area of RD for new Rdoers) his commitment to make RD the best place EVER for every single RDoer in terms of development.

He said he’s got no doubt about our potential to be great, just like he’s seen the amazing professional growth of our another 4 Co-founders: André Siqueira, Bruno GhisiGuilherme Lopes  & Pedro Bachiega, who’d begun their careers as his internees or employees.

At the same Immersion meeting, he pitched the following – by the way so soothing to my ears: if you guys do not feel challenged or think there is a better opportunity out there, please let me know and Ana too. We’ll do our best to figure out how we can find the best condition for you over here.

Perks @ Resultados Digitais

Na RD é Assim

On the top of all that awesomenesss, here are our icings on the cake:


“An empty bag cannot stand upright.”

Anonymous Grandma

RD takes the above mentioned saying so seriously so that we have a special budget for fruits, cookies, sandwiches, various teas and coffee all day long.

Besides that, our Rdoers, Master Chefs & Productivity heros Jane & Hioli delight us once a day with special feasts like:

  • Fruit day
  • Hotdog day
  • Cake day


Cool Stuff/Votocracia


RD’s Votocracia white board : Laid-back “lobby” time

Lets say a Rdoer has an idea for buying something cool or useful to our office. Here, her/his proposal is very welcome! The only 2 things needed for RD buying what was proposed are to 1) write it down in our Votocracia/Cool Stuff White Board and 2) friendly “lobby his/her peers that it is the coolest or most useful thing on earth to be bought right now!

Criteria for Approval

  1.  30% engagement // ex.: 200 RDoers x 30% = minimum of 60 votes
  2. Affordability//ex.: the current monthly budget for cool stuff should afford it

In the very beginning of the month our Talent Management Rdoer Flavia Bernardes imports all purchase candidates to our Rdoers Facebook group so we run the pole and find the 3 top voted things! After that, we only need to wait for the new toys!



List of Previous Acquisitions:

  1. Xbox 360 & 42” LCD Smart TV for gaming
  2. 3D Printer
  3. Pilates Ball
  4. Punching Bag
  5. Coloured Puffs
  6. Soccer/Voleyball Arena Rental for Rdoers to Play once a week
  7. Gourmet Coffee Machine
  8. Manicure & pedicure services for RDivas
  9. Books


RD Library

RD reading time : puffs + books + blasting background

Yes, we love reading and that is essential so we keep up our 6 values. No news reading is very important to recycle ideas, increase mindfulness, renew our power of contribution and to have fun – for sure. I’m convinced – I’m prone to think all Rdoers too – people who do not enjoy reading did not just find something of real interest to them yet.

Backing this all up, our lovely library offers books on quite a few subjects like business, self-development, programming, marketing, management, biographies, etc.

For picking up a title of our choice, we only need to fill the library spreadsheet up with name & withdrawal date. After reading, get the book back to its shelf and fill up again with the return date.

It’s a no brainer!

What is next?

It’s been nearly 1 month we had our Q3/Q4 Planning and I can’t wait for the dramatic improvements set ahead. A brand new RD HQ’s, Mentoring Programs, RD Summit 2015, Digital Marketing Agency Awards and a whole new level to breakthrough.

What a honor  to take part in building the Greatest Digital Marketing Company in Brazil.

Seriously, this is not a usual job or any gig. This is a great journey towards happiness, greatness, breakthroughs & fun.

That’s what really makes Resultados Digitais a Great Place to Work.

“If you’re offered a seat on a rocketship, do not ask what seat. Just get on.”

—Sheryl Sandberg

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