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RD: Know what Marketing Tech Startup Resultados Digitais has been up to for Q2 & Q3 2016. Events, projects, results, celebrations & much more!

It’s been a while, without news from our Rocketship Resultados Digitais, right?

But that was for a good reason I’ll let you know why!

In other words, that means in this post I’ll be catching up with all the main happenings fallen back in Q2 & Q3 2016.


Why OFF from Resultados Digitais’ News for a while?

I’ve been quite a bit off from jornauling on our Rocketship, because I’ve made a significant lateral move from Customer Success to Human Resources as a Culture Scout  like I’ve explained on How to create (perhaps) your own job within the company you work for.

Since then, I’ve been engaging all my engines to understand new work context and its variables, besides testing the best way to set up my new daily “rituals” (like mastery freaks like to do) to effectively tackle new challenges.

Now Back to RD News,

Let’s catch-up with all the new Awards, Milestones, Cool Stuff, Events, Projects & further we’ve taken throughout these 2 quarters starting by…


5k clients

We are really honored for having 5 thousands people trusting us to help them grow their businesses, thus their missions and dreams.

We’re lucky to lead a impactful business to Brazilian Society, because we’re in the business of helping SMB’s, which are 99% of businesses and generate 57 million jobs in Brazil.

500k Leads

500K Marketing Leads

The Best Marketing Team on Brazilian Earth

Our Marketing team has reached a mark of bringing 500 thousands leads (contacts), through applying the same Inbound Methodology, with which he help our clients to grow

Cool Stuff

We’ve had major upgrades in our  Toys, amid them


Read a Book

Read a Book

Now we have a new book shelf to hold one of our invaluable source of knowledge!


Volunteer Initiatives

There are RDoers leading volunteer projects out of their own motivations and sharing them with their peers. How cool is that?!


The Yoga classes has been running non-stop since january 2016 helping RDoers to develop flexibity, strenght & balance.


Some of our RDoers have created an internal forum called SER (acronym for Sorority, Empowerment & Respect) for discussing women empowerment inspired by Lean in by Sheryl Sandberg.


Mom’s Day

Check out the video, better then trying to describe it, because a video is worth thousands of images???? ????

Dad’s Day

The same goes here ???? ????


In our effort to give back to the entrepreneurship ecosystem, we’ve host a number of events, including:

Product Tank

Floripa's Product Tank Meetup

Floripa’s Product Tank Meetup

Round Table at Product Tank Floripa

Round Table at Product Tank Floripa

The largest meetup network for Product people in its Floripa version!

Growth Hacking Floripa

Growth Hacking Floripa at Resultados Digitais

Felipe Spina on Stage at Growth Hacking Floripa

For marketers, we’ve hosted the Growth Hacking Floripa, which is the most active marketing community here in Santa Catarina.

Trello’s Workshop

Trello's productivity workshop

Trello’s productivity workshop

Alexia Ohanessian & Amanda Alvernaz giving the Talk

Alexia Ohannessian & Amanda Alvernaz running the productivity workshop

Trello – one of the coolest productivity startups around the globe – has also come to teach us more about their expertise!

Linkedin Talks

Beatriz Mello & Marianna Tarquino giving the Talk

Linkedin Talks


Linkedin Hard Users André Siqueira, Rafael Justino & Felipe Spina getting their Certificates 😉

Also, Linkedin – the largest professional network company – has visited us to share tips on how to better use our profiles.

Martinelli’s Workshop


Martinelli’s Workshop at RD

Also, people folks have gathered for learning from HR Expert & Consultant Joacir Martinelli best practices in the field.

Internal Events

We’ve run a series of internally organized events too:

Sales Hackathon

We’ve shipped a lot of mini projects that were in the sales area backlog! A very productive & fun day 🙂

Product Review


Product Manager Luigi Gianni on Stage

It’s become already a sharing practice from our product team.

They share with us what are lined up to next versions of our product RD Station in terms of features & improvements in general.

That has enhanced the space of transparency, engagement & insightful discussions not only for our team as a whole, but for our clients too – some of them have already participated in some of our reviews!

Formal Friday

As we have no dress code, we’ve come up with the idea of having a special day for it!

All’s looking so nice, isn’t it? ????


Máquina de Crescimento Launch

Our Customer Success team has structured the growth framework RD has applied itself so all of our clientes get a step-by-step guide towards their desired outcome through their Inbound Marketing journey.


Marketing Blog

Also, our marketing blog have been nicely revamped!

Now, minimalist, mobile friendly & with many learning tracks to help our dear readers. (BTW, it’s so beautiful now, that I don’t even remember how it used to be like before this version ???? )

LATAM Trainees


Arriba muchachos y muchachas! ???????? ????????

Now we natively speak at least 3 languages in our office ! We’re really happy having them onboard our rocketship.

Many surprises lined up to come out ???? from these guys soon!

RD 2020

As my friend Raphael Farinazzo has pitched so wisely in his post, does your company allow non-board members to develop the company’s Business Plan?

Yes, RDoers have got the chance to do that aiming for 2020’s scenario 🙂

It’s been a very intense & rewarding experience, because we’ve got to understand much more about our metrics, market, challenges & opportunities from a much broader prospective!


The venue

Besides, it’s been really inspiring to have a recap with older & newer employees about what RD was like back then when they came aboard against now.

Also great to see how their careers have dramatically changed since then.

Lastly, Eric has pulled up a thoughtful conversation around the Alliance framework and the concept of tour of duty we have been gradually implementing for RD and RDoers to get the most out of the company/employee relationship in terms of career transformation & business impact respectively.

RD Summit

Our long waited event is all around the corner!

We’ve have a great seminar to prime us all to what we’re about to make happen together with 5000 attendees and world-class speakers on November 3rd & 4th!

If you are considering to show up for RD summit, comment on below so I can help you!



We’ve been ranked #17 best company to work for in the medium business size category by GPTW!

To celebrate that, we’ve had a special breakfast for RDoers with plenty of cheerful cardboards, stickers, baloons & warm hugs from the People team❤️

Endeavor’s Entrepreneurs

Our founders have been named as Endeavor’s Entrepreneurs for the great work they’ve been doing building our amazing Resultados Digitais 😀


RDoers waiting for Founders to come in to the Lounge 🙂

See how we’ve welcomed them


That’s it for Q2 & Q3!

Hope to be back in next quarter to share our upcoming adventures! ????????????

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