Howdy apprenticers, how is it going?

welcome to my personal blog, which is where I develop my practice of apprenticism.

my definition for this term is:

a lifestyle optimized for the constant development of new skills.

out of a given motivation, the apprenticer studies, experiences, and shares the acquired knowledge.

I am simply in love with this philosophy because it represents my quest for wisdom, happiness, and freedom… for a life with virtue, purpose, and fulfillment of our potential.

in short, the quest for the art of living.

in this way, I have great curiosity about disciplines such as self-knowledge, productivity, learning, technology or whatever aims to answer the following question:

How can we live a good life?

in practice, I do book reviews in the text format and audio in my podcast (subscribe, it’s free)!

in addition, I review tools, create manuals after learning about some subject and also do retrospectives of my experiences quarterly.


If you want to know more about me, here is my now and my story.

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see you later 🙂