I was born in sunny Itaparica Island, 10 miles overseas from Salvador, Brazil.☀

I had a very joyful & playful infancy together with my only and younger sister Sofia and my parents Claudemira & Santino.

My dream as a kid was to be a magician, because they could come up with anything – specially cookies –  and to travel the world.

My dad worked for himself as a construction truck driver and my mom role was to take care of us two and our home.

They’ve always optimized our family household for education making sure we both could make our way through in life by being knowledge professionals – something they themselves desired but did not reach to by then.

Thus, by my age of 12, we moved to my mom’s grandma city Ilhéus – BA so we had a better high school education, being Ilhéus a more economically dynamic place than Itaparica.

During my teen years, I was a mediocre “B/C’ish” student painfully suffering from poorly performance in math, due to me not liking it.


Back to the timeline,

Something really magic happened to me.

I had an epiphany as turning 15.

A serious inflection point in my life!

That was:  I finally discovered the magic of reading books!

Not out of school teacher demanding me to read during vacation, but instead because – for the first time – I felt organically enticed and deeply interested by the book I tried to read.

My gosh, I got the hang of that and from there on I have seriously indulged in binge reading like never before.

I started with 0-3 books/year, then 3-12 books/year, now ranging from 40-50 books/year!

Here are some positive side effects of building that habit in my life:

  • I’ve discovered love in mathematics from reading history of math books in which I’ve realized great Greek philosophers whose ideas I loved like Aristotle, Socrates & Plato were amazing mathematicians. In other words, my already friend philosophy reintroduced me to math in a lovely way!
  • My performance in high school dramatically increased not only in math, but also in all disciplines. That was the data I needed to realize that was not intrinsically bad in math or anything. I was just lacking skills, for not having Good Habits.
  • I’ve started to develop a growth mindset, that is, I’ve grown a self-confidence that I CAN BE WHATEVER I WANT to BE IN LIFE, because I RELENTLESS BELIEVE I CAN LEARN ANYTHING I WANT providing I pay the price!

Readings books has been a master trigger that has set me apart from mediocre habits and has definitely changed my life.

So much so that I became so confident as wanting to become a doctor.  Perhaps, for two reasons:

  1. My role models in the world of the town I lived in that time were mostly MDs.
  2. I always did well in Biology & Chemistry

High School Time Ended, Decision Time

I did not get accepted to Medical School right after, probably for not making friends with math much earlier hahahha!! True story.

Although my grades steadily revamped in the two remaining years, I was missing a lot of basic concept blocks, what was reflected on my poor math grades in college exams.

Kinda, I still was math crippled…

It reminded me of my teacher’s Simão saying:

There are no shortcurts in math. One block at a timeIf you miss them out, then math becomes hard or even a nightmare in your life.


Upon deciding what the next career step should be, I did not feel like spending one year of preparation – in the best case scenario – trying to get into Med School again.

I did not consider it was worth my time, once I did not feel deeply passionate about it.

I thought myself: if medicine was a real passion it would pop up somehow later in my life!

Rather, I decided to ulteriorly cure my math sores with a shocking treatment approach, that is:

I went for a Chemical Engineering Major + Biochemistry Minor in Federal University of Viçosa (UFV) – Minas Gerais.

I think facing fears tête-a-tête is an effective way to solve gaps! (at least it has been working for me!) 

College Time

Beyond restoring my math skills, I began college very intentional about traveling overseas through exchange scholarships and collecting diverse experiences so I knew what to pursue next in my career.

Then, I optimized the first half of that period for these goals:

  1. Getting a nice GPA for being at Dean List so qualifying to exchange scholarships
  2. Leading Scientific Research in a Biochemistry Lab so I knew if a research career would stick for me at that time and so qualifying to exchange scholarships
  3. Being a Teaching Assistant in a subject I liked so I knew if I would like to teach and so qualifying to exchange scholarships


  1. Got a nice GPA and went to the Dean List✔
  2. Got to know that the research career frame was not for me in that specific context and time❌
  3. Got to know I love to share knowledge by teaching Physical-Chemistry to undergrad colleagues✔

Which combined together lead me to much greater results than I expected

  • Got a Scholarship for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign at Illinois, USA
  • Learned English 
  • Felt in love for Southern California 
  • Got a Study Scholarship for Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos at Cuernavaca, Mexico
  • Learned Spanish
  • Felt in love with Mexico & Riviera Maya
  • Got an internship at Concordia University at Montreal
  • Learned Conversational French (in 3 months thanks to Benny Lewis )
  • Felt in love  Summer Montreal
  • Made friends for life

Going for the second half⏱

I found it was time to optimize for attaining those goals:

  1. Getting an internship in the Engineering Field
  2. Running entrepreneurial projects


  1. Loved the dynamism of working for a company✔
  2. Lost so many fears related to public speaking and exposing ideas by partaking in a Social Entrepreneurship Ambassador Program (Choice).✔✔
  3. Began to develop financial literacy by getting a R$ 20,000 credit card debt   for mismanaging a selling & network marketing business✔✔✔
  4. Felt in love by the digital marketing field and the possibilities of traveling the world working from a computer by selling products, blogging & setting up websites for clients.❤

Which all put together, helped me to realize that what made sense to my career was to learn digital marketing, people & business skills within tech companies while testing ideas as side projects that would eventually become my own business initiatives!

In the end of college⌛

Dad, me, sister & mom

To the graduation ceremony

My life has dramatically changed to on the personal side too.

I have discovered yoga taking classes with a friend of mine. No commitment during 1 semester of practice.

But, after reading a book on the subject, it really made sense to the lifestyle I want to be living, because it raises my bar off beyond my notion of what is possible, and provides me balance in all dimensions of my being (physical, emotional, spiritual, mental) wherever I go – only a mat needed.

Following, I became a Yoga Instructor under Mestre Arnaldo from Shivam Yoga Ashram.

Scorpion's pose in Floripa

Scorpion’s pose in Floripa

Also, I discovered the minimalism, happiness, excellence, empathy, positivity, transparency, freedom, compassion, health & energy of the Raw Vegan lifestyle fitting totally into my personal value-principles.

Gratitude Eduardo Corassa & Rawvana for the inspiration!

On the professional side,

I can proudly say today that I’ve been lucky to work for Resultados Digitais because we shared similar values by then what is thoroughly depicted in its culture code.

It had a great influence on the apprenticism premises I hold.

Over the 2 years and 2 months I worked for them, it had been like I was in a learning journey every single day alongside humble, ambitions and nice people (the RDoers).

As all cycles come to an end, mine had gone too.  We came to a point where there wasn’t anything I would like to do and learn available for me, so I got back to my independent career mode to focus on my writing/blogging/marketing projects under the nomad lifestyle. ✈

Well, that’s my story so far…

And, I’m very excited to keep updating this page with new chapters of my journey!

If you want to know what I’m up to for the moment being, see it in my now page.

What about your story? 

If you feel like, I would love to read your story (I love personal stories) 🙂

See you,


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  1. Really cool to know more about your life Mathias!

    I love to and see your engagement as the leader of your own life. Designing and realigning your own lifestyle with job and work perspectives!

    • @jonatasdp:disqus thanks for being so considerate my friend ???? .

      Hope to see you soon around the corners of this planet and perhaps to put some energy together with you onto something cool!

  2. Very inspiring, and your English is amazing. You should write about how you learnt English so well, I have a lot of Brazilian students and I’m sure they could benefit from you sharing our experience!

        • great @disqus_0itGrxOBGY:disqus!

          in my case, my passion for gaming in childhood helped me a lot with english.

          in university, i focused on doing exchange programs overseas for learning languages by immersion…

          this way i’ve learnet english, spanish & french =)

          that’s the method that has been working the best for me so far.

          so, that’s is the experience that would share with your brazilian students (and the others too)!