About Mathias Luz


Welcome to my web spot! Now, I’m gonna give you a bit of context about myself and this project.


Currently, I’m following a Vegan & Yogi Lifestyle and am super honored to be onboard the Resultados Digitais Rocketship.

I’m a Brazilian born in Mar Grande, Ilha de Itaparica – Bahia.

I have lived in quite a few cities in Brazil & in North America, including Ilhéus (BA), Viçosa (MG), Novo Hamburgo (RS), Champaign (Illinois), Cuernavaca (Morelos), Montreal (Quebèc) & now living in gorgeous Florianópolis, best known as Floripa.

I’ve got my bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering with diverse international experience, including studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos & Concordia Université.

My life has been changing dramatically for good since I’ve been developing a growth mindset, what has begun back in my 15’s when I discovered the magic of reading.

If you’re interested in these details, here is my story.

Since then, I’ve got very confident about myself and my capabilities that I’ve written down an almost endless checklist of many things I’d like to accomplish in life, like creating a positive impact in the business world, traveling the world as a digital nomad, mastering a dozen of languages and so on…

To that end, I optimize all my routinefrom books I read, podcasts I listen to, newsletters I sign up to, communities I belong to, courses I take, articles I write – for solving a problem through a hands-on project.

And then, move to the next one.

My definition of mastery is not necessarily being a specialist (even though specialist is a master too).

Instead, I’m all about being fully engaged in understanding the underlying concept blocks of a given problem – from whatever field of knowledge or its intersections – for solving it.

In some cases, this is can reflect the Pareto’s law approach : to understand 20% of the causes responsible for 80% of the effects.


To understand what it takes to achieve Mastery, “dogfood” it across different fields, and share it in a simple & inclusive way.

 Vision 👀

The vision I have for my life’s project is to leave my mark as a World-Class Generalist.

Values ❤️

Value-principles like excellence, gratitude, health, growth, empathy, transparency, specificity, optimism, freedom, minimalism are cornerstone to me.


Leonardo Da Vinci, Tim Ferriss, Benjamin Franklin, Maria Popova, Shane Parrish, Ghandi, Joel Gasgoine, Derek Sivers, Claudemira Luz (my mom, proud of her graduation at her 55’s)

Disclaimer :  I use my blog as a tool to pull down my learning curve by I what call SAS Learning Approach : Study + Apply + Share.

Then, despite this content is intended primarily for myself, somehow you may relate to my challenges and then find this website resourceful on your road to mastery, happiness & or to simply have a peer for sharing common interests.